The Shed 19/10/2007

“If I could sing a love song so divine”

Pictures are here

Ant and I talk about some nonsense travelling to gigs. On the way to another acoustic appearance at The Cellar Bar in The Shed, we were debating which came first – the bourbon biscuit or its albino cousin the custard cream. We never came to a final decision but guessed that it might have been the custard cream as the bourbon feels like a cocoa powder powered upgrade.

Anyway, Will, our promoter, had only given us this gig on the condition that we learned how to play It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll by The Rolling Stones. Now, there are a lot of bands out there with more artistic integrity than us who would have refused to be dictated to in this manner. Even we had our reservations when he started singing, “I know it’s only sausage roll but I like it” at us. However, we find it hard to say no to Will, so his request won out in the end:

All I Want
You Come Around
After Quatermass
Turn It All Around
It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
While You Wait

With Stu being away, we also took the opportunity to unveil another new song (or at least one which we’d never played live before) – Turn It All Around. We stretched out It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll and kept the coda going for quite a while. Now, some people may claim that this is because we didn’t rehearse the ending enough. Others may say that we could see the audience enjoying the song and so kept it going. I don’t really think it’s my place to confirm one way or the other, far better to let people enjoy the mystery.

Other than It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll, the biggest cheer of the evening was definitely for the audience participation during While You Wait. After the gig we had a laugh with Will about this; what happens if we start playing bigger venues? If we ever play Wembley, we might need to but some more percussion!

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