The Shed 21/07/2007

“Upstairs, downstairs”

Pictures are here

It’s always good to have a re-gig ritual, it settles the nerves and puts you in the right frame of mind to play. Ours revolves around drinking beer and eating Toblerone. We were deeply engaged in this ritual when The Accidentals from Nottingham asked us if we wouldn’t mind swapping sets with them. We were due on at 9:00 and they weren’t on until 11:00 but they couldn’t hang around. Being the rock ‘n’ roll stars that we are, we’re not afraid of the odd late night so we happily agreed.

When the gig started, we found that the first band were a little too heavy for our tastes so we decided to head down to the Cellar Bar. There, the Happy Chappies were playing a really good acoustic set. As they were packing up, our promoter Will, asked us if we wouldn’t mind playing a quick acoustic set, a kind of aperitif before we played upstairs later. Figuring it would be a good warm up and not worrying about a lack of rehearsal, we agreed. So, we borrowed some kit and played a couple of songs:

You Come Around
All I Want
It’s In The Air
Honkey Tonk Women
While You Wait

With Ant sat down due to having no guitar strap and Stu having a go at bass (“prodding clumsily around as if uncertain of the harmonies and making many comical mistakes – one can hear [Ant] grin at his partner’s incompetence”), I was picking songs at random based on what I could remember from our last acoustic gig. Considering we were playing on the hoof it was a good little set and served as an excellent starter for the main course of our gig upstairs.

Once we were plugged in, and with Stu back behind the drum kit where he belongs, we played an absolute blinder. It was a short, sharp set, befitting its post-midnight start time:

All I Want
I Don’t Know What It Is
You Throw My Love Away
While You Wait
After Quatermass
T-Shirt Hero
Dead To The World

As always, After Quatermass gets the biggest cheer, especially from the staff who had been asking where the bubbles had been when we’d played downstairs. The only downside is that going on so late, most of the people had left having already seen the band they came to see. However, that was definitely their loss as this was one of the best gigs we’ve ever done.

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