The Shed 23/02/2007


I’ve always believed in putting on a show. If people are going to a gig just to hear the music they might as well just stay at home and listen to the CD. You go for the atmosphere and the spectacle. Probably the best spectacle I’ve ever seen put on by a band was by The Flaming Lips – confetti cannons, huge balloons and Wayne Coyne walking on top of the crowd in his “space bubble”. Obviously none of that is possible with our budget and within the confines of the cellar bar at The Shed. So, scaling down I came up with party poppers and hand-held bubble machine!

Unfortunately, there weren’t many people around to see them as we ended up going on after midnight following a series of acts taking some extreme liberties with the 20 minute time limit. With most of the audience and other acts having difted away and our friends who’d come to see us looking bored, we cut a couple of songs from our set-list:

You Come Around
It’s In The Air
After Quatermass
All I Want
While You Wait

Talking with the organiser, Will, after the gig, he said that we’d been a hair’s breadth away from qualifying for the final. Instead he booked us for a further semi-final (a kind of repechage I guess) At least it means we get to play another gig and, hopefully, we’ll be able to perform a full set. However, he did say that he’d enjoyed All I Want as he’s a big fan of The Rolling Stones and strongly implied that if we were to play an actual Stones cover in the next round then we might find ourselves in the final. We then started asking if there was any particular Stones song that he might like to hear and eventually came to the consensus of Let’s Spend The Night Together. Now, it’s a brilliant song and we’re happy enough to learn it. I’m going to have to listen to the Stones version a few times though because I’m more familiar with David Bowie’s cover at the minute.

More importantly, does this constitute selling out? We are doing something that somebody else wants us to do in order to achieve our goals so I guess technically, it is. However, I love the Stones so it’s not really an issue. At least we’ve not got to cover someone like Mika, now that would be selling out.

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