The Shed 23/03/2007

“Don’t you worry ’bout what’s been on my mind”

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There’s absolutely no doubt about it, we’re getting better every time that we play – practice makes your better, who’d have thought it! I’m not really sure why I’m surprised, it was only a matter of time before we shook off our stage rustiness. As per our quid pro quo with the promoter, Will, we added Let’s Spend The Night Together to the set-list with Stu on keyboard. Still a slight problem for me as I’m still struggling to use the Jagger phrasing rather that the Bowie one. At least I don’t have to sing “let’s spend some time together” like the Stones did on the Ed Sulliven show.

I also used my brand new bubble gun during After Quatermass. This is one of the best things about Stu playing the melodica, I can casually stroll off-stage and fill the world with bubbles. Plus, we’re now well enough rehearsed that if I take too long and miss my cue, Ant and Stu can fill. So, the full set-list looked like this:

You Come Aorund
It’s In The Air
Blind Faith
After Quatermass
All I Want
While You Wait
Let’s Spend The Night Together

The gig went really well and the crowd all seemed to enjoy it (although since a lot of them were our friends, they might have been slightly biased) The icing on the cake though was when Will asked us to go back on stage after all the other acts to reprise Let’s Spend The Night Together. We were happy to oblige and we played an extended version that allowed me extra time to strut amongst the audience. It felt like a proper valedictory lap of honour as it came just after we’d been told that we’d made the final of The Shed’s Acoustic Championship. There’s part of me that cynically thinks that we only got through because we agreed to Will’s request to play a Stones song. But we were really good tonight and it would have been a bit of a travesty if we hadn’t gone through.

After we got off stage for the second time, we got talking to Will about business. He says that if Ant will grow his hair a bit longer to look more like Brian Jones then we can make £600 a night by playing two one-hour sets as a Rolling Stones tribute band. Still feeling pretty cocky after coming off stage, we told him that it would only be a matter of time before Mick and Keef started a Sixth Circle tribute band!

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