The Shed 27/04/2007

“What goes on tour, stays on tour”

Pictures are here

Two gigs in two nights – after rocking The Alchemist last night, we were back playing an acoustic gig in The Cellar Bar at The Shed. At least it’s all good practice for the world tour. We were playing alongside a band called The Acoustic Lovers, a cover band who seemed to have brought their whole college with them. Enthused by the large crowd but also slightly wary that they weren’t here to see us we played a blistering 20 minute set:

You Come Around
It’s In The Air
After Quatermass
While You Wait
Let’s Spend The Night Together

It felt a bit weird to be playing in front of the Union Flag that one of the other bands had put up, almost as if it was something that we should have been doing when we were still a “mod” cover band. Anyway, it was a pretty good gig although it didn’t have the danger of playing at heights that you get from The Alchemist.

Afterwards, we spent the evening handing out band flyers to all of the college students. It was a little depressing though, not just because I’m not that young any more but also because I’m not sure that I ever had that many friends when I was in the sixth form.

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