The Shed 28/09/2007

“Don’t know if we’re coming or going”

Pictures are here

After a move to Sunday and then back to Friday, we turned up to what was supposed to be an acoustic night with electric guitars and a drum kit. We had rehearsed an acoustic set but we were told that we could play a full band set. Well, after our gig on Wednesday at The Looking Glass was cancelled because the venue had been having complaints about the noise, we were only too happy to take up the offer. I’m quite sure there are a lot of people who complain about the noise that we make anyway. Maybe The Looking Glass should get some of those amps that only go up to 10 (it’s one quieter)

With us set up in The Cellar Bar and with Stu back replacing his robotic substitute, we played a 30-minute set:

I’m On My Way
T-Shirt Hero
I Don’t Know What It Is
I Wanna Be Retro
You Throw My Love Away
Summer Days
All I Want
While You Wait

So, two new songs getting their debuts – T-Rex-esque opener I’m On My Way and paean to summers past, Summer Days featuring Stu on glockenspiel (not, as some people may have thought, a cover of Summer Nights from the Grease soundtrack with different words)

As we did at Loggerheads, we handed out items of percussion to the crowd during the finale and, as you can see from the pictures, even our promoter Will joined in on the maracas. I even lent my feather boa to someone near the front of the stage who was having a bit of a dance. It was an amazing end to a brilliant gig, the new songs went down well, the old songs went down well and everyone had a great time.

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