The Sun 10/10/2007

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger”

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We thought that we were having a bad time when Stu was unable to play our last gig due to injury. After seeing what happened to Random Donkey, our promoters, we realise that we actually got off pretty easily. There were supposed to be another two bands playing but they both pulled out at the last-minute and, after an acoustic act also failed to turn up, we were left to play on our own. As if that weren’t bad enough, they then lost out on the PA that they were supposed to be using. So, full kudos to the guys just for being able to source another PA just before gig time and actually making sure that the night went ahead. It was a good job that Stu recovered or it could have been a very short evening for them!

As the only act, we were asked how long we could play for. In the end we played literally every song that we know and managed to stretch out to about 45 minutes:

I’m On My Way
I Don’t Know What It Is
All I Want
T-Shirt Hero
You Throw My Love Away
After Quatermass
Summer Days
I Don’t Know Why I Love You Like I Do
While You Wait
I Wanna Be Retro
Dead To The World

It’s the first time that we’ve ever played at The Sun, it’s a great little venue and we treated it to what was easily one of our best gigs of the year – Ant was his usual brilliant self, Stu made an excellent comeback after injury and I even pulled the bass out for the first time in three months. It was one of those nights where everything just seemed to click.

That’s not to say that we didn’t have a couple of pre-gig issues ourselves. Ignoring the question of whether we should even be playing a song called Summer Days in October (I thought that it would fit in at a place called The Sun, regardless of season), since it’s still new to us, I don’t really know all the lyrics yet. So, I have a “cheat sheet” which just pairs up the last word of each line eg behind/minds, lanes/rain etc. However, after arriving at the venue, I realised that I’d left it at home. Fortunately Elmo hadn’t left my house to go to the gig yet so she was able to bring it along – crisis averted.

Until Ant realised that he’d forgotten the slide for his guitar which he needs for You Throw My Love Away. I’ve got one at home and so yet again I had to phone Elmo to come to the rescue. She was just leaving as I called her so we were lucky that she wasn’t already on her way. It then took me twenty minutes to explain to Elmo what a slide actually is (maybe it would have been easier to use Ant’s original suggestion of going all 1920’s bluesman and using a bottle) In the end Elmo managed to find it and just got to the gig in time – second crisis averted.

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