The Sun 14/11/2007

“Set controls for the heart of the sun”

Pictures are here

Back to The Sun Bar in Leicester and it was a bit of an odd night. There were only two bands on, ourselves and The Verified and not a huge audience. I guess with it being a Wednesday night and only six weeks before Christmas that people were taking advantage of the late night shopping.

The Verified went on first and were alright and then it was our turn. Since there were only two acts, we got to play a slightly longer set than normal:

I’m On My Way
I Don’t Know What It Is
Rip It Up
I Don’t Know Why I Love You Like I Do
You Throw My Love Away
After Quatermass
I Wanna Be Retro
All I Want
T-Shirt Hero
While You Wait

We were good, not as good as we were on Sunday though, but that had been an exceptional gig. We cut out a lot of the showmanship from our act compared to Sunday, although I did go and have a little strut outside during All I Want.

We did give out percussion during While You Wait though. The Verified boys declined to join in (ah well, their loss) but Elmo’s timing is getting even worse. Ant was complaining that her tambourine playing was so out of time that it was putting him off playing the guitar. Still, on the whole, it was another fine gig.

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