The Sun 25/06/2009

“In the court of the crimson king”

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Charlie Watts famously described life in the Stones as “five years playing and twenty years waiting around” and it’s true there is a lot of waiting around when you’re in a band. Waiting around at The Sun before the gig and the jukebox is playing a random selection of country and western tunes. That’s when our promoter Will, has a brainwave for a new musical direction – cheery C&W. So, instead of the old cliches about losing your job, car, dog etc, you actually your girl, house or dog back. We countered that with a suggestion that you write a song where your wife runs off with your best friend but you’re actually happy about it. Will has even offered to help us write some lyrics.

Anyway, we had another good night in Leicester. The first act was a solo singer who was supposed to be singing with a backing tape but couldn’t get it to work so he had to sing acapella. That would have been alright since he had an okay voice but he tried to get everyone to clap along. After five seconds everyone was clapping at a different tempo and he was being drowned out by the clapping so you could barely hear him anyway. In the end he only sang 2 of his 5 songs and then beat a hasty retreat. We were supposed to go on after the blues guy, who always seems to be on at The Sun but one of the other acts, Marianne, asked if she could go on before us. We’ve never been able to say no to a pretty girl so, rather than saying “so long”, we let her go on. Then it was our turn:

Everything I Do
On Top Of The World
She’s His Girlfriend
Sasha Don’t Look So Blue
It’s In The Air
I’ll Get By
All I Want
While You Wait

Sarah joined Ant and I on stage just before It’s In The Air and took the lead vocals on While You Wait for what was her first gig back after her New York trip. We played a pretty good gig, although we may have just been made to look better by the guy who followed us. He was playing some comedy songs but he said that it was his last gig doing that before he started playing more King Crimson-esque stuff. If there’s anything worse than bad comedy songs it’s prog. Will then suggested that we form a supergroup playing King & Country or Crimson & Western. Yes, forget Lady Gaga, the next big thing will be Country Prog…

Then, the evening took an even more surreal turn on the way home as we heard on the radio that Michael Jackson had died. I used to quite like his music when I was growing up and even though he’s not been relevant for a long time, it was still a bit of a surprise and ended a good night on a bit of a down note.

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