Yates’ 30/01/2008

“Start me up. If you start me up, I never stop”

Pictures are here

First things first, and let’s get this out of the way early, before anyone says anything. It’s just called Yates’ now, they dropped the “wine lodge” bit years ago.

After our debut performance at an open mic night, this was our first proper, full band gig in Nottingham, taking place in a city centre pub and what happened? Technical failure! We were told that we didn’t need to bring our own guitar amp and so we didn’t take one. Then, about halfway through the second verse of After Quatermass, the one we were using cut out.

Stu stopped drumming but I just kept on singing while Ant tried to rectify the problem. He managed to get it going, only for it to cut out about four more times during the course of the song. Stu and I just kept going and once we’d finished, I turned to the audience and deadpanned, “no-one noticed!” Many thanks to our friends Autohype who at this point gave us a big cheer.

Anyway, we just about managed to get through the rest of the set without any further trouble:

I’m OnĀ  My Way
T-Shirt Hero
After Quatermass
I Don’t Know What It Is
Rip It Up
While You Wait

The pink feather boa was back out as was the doctor’s coat and a possibly ill-advised waistcoat. Note to self – I’m not Russell Brand. The crowd also enjoyed joining in on the set closer, While You Wait, which we got some great pictures of.

Our next gig is back in Nottingham with the same promoter but I think that Ant will definitely be taking his own amplifier for that one. Still, apart from the gremlins it was a good gig and at least we remembered the old showbiz adage, “the show must go on…”

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