Moses O’Hara

Mo was a very flexible guy

We met Moses when he was going out with our friend, Nicola. Then one day, in late 2005, he made the mistake of letting slip that he played the bass guitar. We hadn’t played live for over a year but we’d been talking about getting back into it again and finding a new bassist on our doorstep was a good incentive. Even though he had a different taste in music to us, he was really keen to give it a go. So, starting in the new year, we started having some rehearsal sessions in Gav’s front room. After dissuading him from playing any slap bass, we started teaching him our songs. This continued for a few months, all of us having fun and Mo learning the songs. Unfortunately, just as he was getting the hang of it, he made the announcement that he was moving to Manchester to go to university. So, he was only in the band for about 6 months and never actually played a gig.

It would never have worked out though, Moses had dreams of being a singer:

Drum & Bass – Stu and Mo sing karaoke

and being Irish, he like the black stuff too much

“You can’t drink a pint of treacle”

and Gav, being paranoid, thought he was conspiring with Anthony:

“Whisper whisper” “Whisper”

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