(Unfortunately, no-one ever knew what Pete’s surname was and we have no pictures of him)

After our first two gigs, Anthony decided that he’d had enough of drumming for a “mod” cover band and abruptly quit. Which was all fair enough. However, we still had a gig booked at The Shed and so we had to find someone to sit in.

We didn’t really know any other bands at the time, so we contacted the first band that we’d ever played with, Clerical Error, to see if we could borrow their drummer. At the time they were on hiatus because the singer had run off with the sound man’s wife. The singer being a priest of course.

So Pete came along to a rehearsal and since he was already in a cover band he already knew a couple of the songs that we were playing. We still had to drop some though as it would have taken him too long to learn them from scratch – thankfully some were the awful Jam covers of soul songs.

It wasn’t Pete’s fault as he had to learn the songs but rehearsals started to feel even more of a repetitive trudge. Pete was a nice enough guy and a pretty good drummer but by the time the gig came round you could feel the enthusiasm levels had dropped.

We played a pretty workmanlike set, thanked Pete for helping us out and went out separate ways. At least he helped us maintain our record of never having had to cancel a gig. Although it did ruin our record of never having played with a drummer who wore gloves.

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