Peter Craig

Peter “Boycott” Craig – drumming with rhubarb

Peter Craig was in the band for a grand total of about two hours. We’d had a bit of a problem with Stu not being available for gigs which had left us playing a number of unplugged sets. That would have been alright but often they weren’t acoustic nights and we were a bit out of place. So we asked Stu if he’d mind if we had a “substitute” drummer to play the gigs he couldn’t make. He said that was okay and so we asked Pete if he fancied it. Initially, Pete said no but after a few weeks of pestering, we managed to convince him to come along to a rehearsal. His timekeeping was exemplary but too quiet. I think it was just a combination of nerves and the fact that we were used to playing too loud. I’m sure his confidence would have grown but unfortunately he declined our invitation to come to any more rehearsals and he had to make do with just being one of our biggest fans.

Although, I’m not sure he would have fitted in really due to his love of dancing with old women:

Strictly Come Dancing

and his drinking problem:

Shaken, not stirred

However, no-one gives a handshake quite like Peter Craig:

Just let me shake your hand


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