Base Humour

Don’t forget about the jazz

I have a new favourite mathematics joke. Replacing such classics as:

There are only 10 people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don’t!


Why do mathematicians confuse Halloween and Christmas? Because 25-DEC = 31-OCT!


Did you know that the B in Benoit B. Mandelbrot stands for Benoit B. Mandelbrot!

What’s In A Name?

The Great Bear – Simon Patterson

So, we often get asked, “Why are you called the sixth circle?” Well, it’s obvious isn’t it? Being back in London the other night reminded me of the story – A few years ago I went out in London and got so drunk that I fell asleep on the Underground while travelling on the yellow line. When I woke up, I’d completed five full circuits so I was on the sixth circle…

Elbowed Out

So, yet again, we don’t win the Mercury Music Prize. Many, petty-minded, jealous-types will point out that it’s because we haven’t released an album in the last year or, indeed, ever. To be honest, I’ve not really heard enough of Alt-J to comment on whether or not they merit the victory but I’m sure they’re delighted to have joined such luminaries as M People, Talvin Singh, Ms Dynamite and Speech Debelle.

To be honest, I only really want to bring up the Mercury as an excuse for posting the joke that briefly made it onto Elbow’s Wikkipedia page after they won the award in 2008:

The award should have gone to Elbow tribute band, Arse. Of course, real fans know their Arse from their Elbow…