Live In A Lounge

Screengrap from last night's video

Screen grab from last night’s video

Last night, Anthony came round and we filmed our Live in a Lounge Christmas Special. With it being Christmas, we thought we’d do a couple of Christmas songs:

I’m On My Way
Merry Xmas Everybody
Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
Take Your Coat Off (Or You Won’t Feel The Benefit) [Fully Dressed Version]

So, a first airing for four and a half years for I’m On My Way, and the first time that we’d ever played it acoustically in fact. I’d gotten the idea to give it a go unplugged after hearing Anthony messing around playing Get It On/Cigarettes & Alcohol during our photo shoot last month. Then follows the Slade classic and the John Lennon classic. Rehearsing last Friday, we’d also had a go at Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want but we couldn’t quite nail it so we left it out. Finally, one of out newer songs which we’d never played live before. The “Fully Dressed Version” differs from the recorded version by being longer and having lyrics based on the original demo that contained Anthony’s “half/scarf” lines as well as his Smiths-recalling “hand in glove” one.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy and, unless the nuts predicting the end of the world tomorrow, we’ll see you for the next one in January…

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