Live In A Lounge

October LiaL Screengrab

This is just before my head started spinning round like in The Exorcist

Live in my boss’s lounge with naked flames – what could possibly go wrong?

My boss Nikki had very kindly offered us the use of her lounge for this month’s filming and so we decamped to West Bridgford last night to take her up on it. Fortunately for Nikki she had already arranged to be out so apart from the ten minutes or so of rehearsing that she heard, she didn’t have to put up with actually hearing us perform.

Elmo had very kindly made some jack o lanterns for our Halloween special and so as soon as Nikki had left, we had the lighter out. Fortunately, we managed to not burn down the house. I don’t think that my annual review would have gone very well if that had happened.

Anyway, here is the link to the video, flaming pumpkins and all:

October Live In A Lounge

The video as seen is about the 8th take, with most of them breaking down on the first song, Lies. We also had a couple of issues with the middle 8 in Monster Mash but eventually we managed to get through everything. So, that set-list in full:

Monster Mash
My Beloved Monster
T-Shirt Hero
After Hours

With regards to the songs, Lies is our newest track, which we recorded the vocals for a couple of weeks ago. I think that explains why we were having a few problems with it.

Monster Mash is the Bobby Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers classic and My Beloved Monster by Eels rounds off the Halloween themed section of the show.

T-Shirt Hero is an old song that used to get a lot of live play but this is the first time that we’ve played it in five years. Having said that, it was the only song that we didn’t mess up during in either rehearsal or actual filming.

Finally, there’s After Hours by The Velvet Underground which we played as our tribute to Lou Reed.

All in all, a good night but it still felt slightly dodgy when I gave my boss back her spare door keys this morning and said, “thanks again for last night”

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