Monday Musings

A couple of quick thoughts after an amazing weekend


I love being married, it’s awesome. literally haven’t stopped grinning all weekend. It’s not just the big things like being in love, it’s the little things too. For example, I updated Elmo’s contact details in my phone today to make her a “Squires”

I’ll be posting up wedding related posts throughout the week so stay tuned.


The other big non-wedding and non-Rolling Stones related things that happened over the weekend were all sports related. Following the British & Irish Lions win over Australia on Saturday, Andy Murray only went and won Wimbledon yesterday.

While all of the “77 years of hurt” headlines are a bit disingenuous to the four British women who have won since Fred Perry, it’s still an amazing achievement. It’s surely ended the betting for this year’s Sports Personality of the Year award though.

In fact, unless the English cricket team win 5-0, it’s hard to see past the Lions to win team of the year as well.

Although having said that, if Tony Hibbert manages to score for Everton, I think he could win the individual prize, the team prize, the overseas prize; the clean sweep. Having said that, he might just win it for his skills in fishing.

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Fantastic weekend! Loved looking at the photo booth pictures on Sunday morning… I think I may have the answer to the problem ‘how many people dressed as pirates/monkeys/other can you you get in a photo booth?’

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