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Yippee-ki-ay Monday funker

Tickets please

Had a bit of a nightmare on Friday on my way to see The Vaccines. I’d rushed down to the bus stop and only just managed to catch the bus. Just as we pulled away, I realised that I’d left my ticket at home. I had to get off the bus at the next stop and run home and I only just managed to get the next one.

I was really worried about what people would think if anything happened to the first bus. The CCTV would have showed a weird looking guy calmly getting on a bus and then running off it at the very next stop. If it had blown up there would have only been one suspect.

Been there, got the t-shirt

My gym has recently started a new series of exercise classes called Grid. There are four different ones and they are all really good. Essentially they are circuit classes but each one is themed slightly differently.

As it’s a new class, the gym has been offering a free t-shirt once you’ve done 10 of the classes. We were given a little card just like at a coffee shop and we got a stamp after each class. Yesterday, I managed to complete my 10th class and I picked up my t-shirt.

It’s actually a pretty nice t-shirt and some of the classes have been really hard so I think that I deserve it.

Ooh! Stick you!

A story presented without comment:

Daphne & Celeste are making a comeback…

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