Monday Musings

You put the muse in the Monday and then drink ’em all up


Like a lot of men of a certain age, I’m getting ridiculously excited about the release of the new Star Wars film in December. Also, like a lot of men of a certain age, I was scarred by the experience of seeing the prequels and I should really know not to get my hopes up too high.

However, over the weekend, I realised that something would be missing from the new films – the 20th Century Fox logo and accompanying fanfare. Growing up, I had an almost Pavlovian response to those few notes because I associated it so closely to the beginning of Star Wars. Although this would mean that I would be slightly disappointed by the start of every 20th Century Fox film that wasn’t Star Wars (or TESB or ROTJ)

Print Deadline

After PubhD Leicester the other night, I was speaking with Nishad who was running the night in Katie’s absence. She had asked what other writing I’d done and I mentioned SciBar. Well, it turns out that not only is she a member of the British Science Association as well but last summer she did a BSA media fellowship.

Basically, Nishad spent 7 weeks working at The Guardian, writing about science. Being the pinko, liberal Guardian reading lefty that I am this really piqued my interest. Unfortunately, I then found out that applications for this year’s media fellowships closed on the 3rd of April. At least it means that I can spend a year focussing on my writing so that when I apply next year, I’ll have a decent portfolio of work.

I said, can I get a witness

After hanging around after the crash last week, I now have three witness statements to write for various insurance companies. Who said that doing the right thing was easy?

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