Monday Musings

Actually, I think you’ll find, it’s “may the force be with you”

Donald where’s me troosers

I’ve only just recently discovered the fact that you can get “ultra-skinny” trousers. I needed some new ones for work so I headed to Topman. I found some that I liked and so bought a couple of pairs of 30R.

When I got home and tried them on, I realised that they were unsuitable for work. They left very little to the imagination. In fact you could tell what religion I am.

I had to take them back the next day and get some 32L instead. They are still pretty tight but they’re not quite such a distraction to all the women who work on my team.

I would walk 500 miles

We’ve entered the GCC again this year. It’s a 100 day challenge where you see how many steps a team of 7 can manage. With our team bigger than last year because of the project that we’re working on, we were able to enter two teams.

Due to my competitive nature, I was nominated as one of the team leaders. Since none of my team had any suggestions for a team name, I registered us as The Gavettes.

Then, this week, I’ve had complaints that it sounds like a group of backing singers (a complaint that doesn’t even make sense – Ronnie Spector was a member of The Ronnettes) So, I asked for some better names.

On Friday, someone suggested Quicksilver. The system that we currently support is called Mercury and so it seems like quite a clever name. However, being the nerd that I am, I associate Quicksilver with the Marvel character.

Which leave a question. Are we named after the Avengers’ Quicksilver, currently staring in Age of Ultron or the X-Men Quicksilver as seen in Days of Future Past?

Chewie, we’re home

What better way to spend bank holiday Monday than watching Star Wars back-to-back-to-back? Although it has reminded me that Obi Wan talking about Luke’s father for less than five minutes in the first one is better than the three prequels combined.

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