Radio Show 2 – Beginnings & Endings

Start as you mean to go on

Wow, they let us do another show! This week our theme was “Beginnings & Endings” and after we mucked up our timings, we ended up with a lot more of one compared to the other. I’m not quite sure how it happened since at the halfway point of the show we were pretty much where we wanted to be. Some people, including his brother might blame Anthony for talking too much but you’ll not hear complaints here.

There were a couple of songs that missed out due to time constraints – The End by The Beatles and The Living End by The Jesus & Mary Chain. The one that we were really gutted about though was To The End by Blur. We were going to end the show with it but we just ran out of time.

Here’s the Spotify playlist for the show:

Next week’s them is “Days of the Week” – 7pm on Thursday on NG Digital

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