Radio Show 5 – Money


Wow, they’re still letting us do this! This week’s theme was “money” and for once we thought we were being clever. When we picked the them, we joked between ourselves that we’d have to play some Johnny Cash. CASH! As in money! Then when I started asking for suggestions on the socials, everyone made the exact same suggestion. Tsk! Great mind think alike and all that.

This was also the first show where we added something to the playlist while we were already recording. Anthony suddenly remembered “First I Look At The Purse” by The Contours so we added that to the show.

As always, there were some songs that missed out due to time constraints. Free Money by Patti Smith, Blood Money by Primal Scream, Dollars and Cents by Radiohead, In It For The Money By Supergrass and Rent by Pet Shop Boys didn’t make it. Oh, and Penny Lane missed out because we already had a Beatles track. I would also have liked to have played Got Your Money by ODB but I’m not really sure where it would have fitted into the musical style of the show. Plus it has swear words in it (see also Gold Digger by Kayne)

Once we’d recorded the show, I was driving home and listening to Radio 1, where it was their “student radio show”. Apparently, this show has a them and this week was “Waiting for a loan” so all the songs were about money. Since, as far as I’m aware, Bob Dylan doesn’t work for the BBC, they stole our idea! Admittedly, they played completely different songs to us (for example, they did play ODB) And they didn’t even have a list! What sort of radio show wouldn’t have a list?!

Anyway, here’s the Spotify link for this week. Note that I couldn’t find the Magnetic Fields version of If I Were A Rich Man so instead, here’s the Topol one.

Next week’s theme is “Musical Knights” so if you know any sirs, dames, lords or ladies, please let us know…

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