Radio Show 6 – Musical Knights

Knight and Day

On Thursday, while the country was busy voting, the sixth episode of Cap’n Gav’s Theme Time Pirate Radio show was on air. This week’s theme, partly inspired by Rod Stewart being knighted in the Queen’s birthday honours list was “Musical Knights”.

As we pointed out on the show, we really don’t like the honour system (nor an unelected upper chamber nor the monarchy) However, it did give us an excuse to play some Beatles and Stones. We also had some great suggestions, especially Lord Hereford’s Knob by Half Man Half Biscuit, recommended by Trevor and Duke of Earl by Gene Chandler from Regan.

We were also really wary of mentioning the referendum. I know that on “proper” media if you’re doing a live show then you’re not allowed to mention it while the polls are still open. We decided we’d better not give any indication as to which way to vote. Although, I’m pretty sure that both people listening to the show would have voted “remain” anyway so I don’t think that we could have influenced the result.

As for songs that missed out this week, Anthony would have liked to have played some Boomtown Rats. We also talked before the show about playing one of the early comedy records that Sir George Martin produced such as Right Said Fred by Bernie Cribbins. Doctorin’ The TARDIS by The Timelords will make an appearance on a later show I’m sure but Hoots Mon by Lord Rockingham’s XI might struggle to get into another theme.

Here’s the Spotify playlist

Next week, we’re doing something a little bit different – Ant & Gav’s Joy of Six, where Ant and I will both pick six songs that we’ve been listening to this month and play them. Basically, it just gives us an excuse to play some new songs and some things that don’t easily fit into themes.

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