Radio Show 7 – Football

“It’s a football fing”

Yes, last night was the Cap’n Gav’s Theme Time Pirate Radio Show football special, celebrating the culmination of the Euro 2016 tournament. Obviously, it was disappointing that by the time the show was transmitted, all of the home nations sides had been knocked out but, having followed England for so long, it wasn’t really a surprise.

We make absolutely no apologies for playing the classics Three Lions and World In Motion. Similarly, we make no apologies for refusing to play Diamond Lights by Glenn and Chris or Gazza’s take on Fog on the Tyne. There were a couple of tracks that missed out due to the “one song per band” rule – Open Goals by The Lightning Seeds, Theme From FC Sparta by The Fall and Smokin’ by Super Furry Animals (which mentions Johan Cruyff)

We also wanted to play the official Welsh song of the tournament, Stronger Together by the Manic Street Preachers. Unfortunately, the video that we tried to rip from YouTube wasn’t what the title claimed but we only realised that after starting to play it. Hence, you may notice a slight edit in the show just after we play The Fall. Oops.

As always, there were some songs that missed out due to timing. We did have time for Anthony’s favourite “World Cup Theme” by Colourbox nor Regan’s suggestion of I Get A Kick Out Of You. Nessun Dorma was probably too classy for the show that we do as was Give Us A Goal by Slade. I also thought of another song just after the show but I won’t mention that here as I’ll save it for our Joy of Six July show.

Here is the Spotify playlist

Unfortunately, there are a couple of songs missing from Spotify. There’s not Frank Sidebottom, which we played just after Three Lions. Here it is in all its glory on YouTube. Bennett’s Mum’s Gone To Iceland, the song we played to appease our Viking conquorers is also missing. That slotted into the show just before Billy Brag. Finally Black Grape’s England’s Irie is AWOL as well. That was the middle song in the Keith Allen part of the show between World In Motion and Vin-Da-Loo.

The theme for next week’s show is “telephones”. As always suggestions are most welcome.

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