Radio Success

We’re off to get a Chinese rug

Yes, it finally happened! Fourth time lucky and all that but our radio show went out last night. Rather than trying to transmit it live, we found a way to record it in Anthony’s front room (it’s still recorded “live” as you can probably tell by the fact that Ant and I keep talking over each other) At least we have a way of turning off the microphone when the songs are playing so we don’t have to sit in silence, which is much better.

We played pretty much the same songs as we played when we first tried to do the show a few weeks ago, although in a different order and we stuck with our original idea of saying what the theme is at the start of the show rather than letting people guess. Anyway, for those who heard the show and are interested and for those who missed the show and want to hear the best bits (ie the music) here is the Spotify playlist:

We’ll be back on next Thrusday 7-8pm where the theme will be Beginnings and Endings

PS 10 points for anyone who got the Iggy Pop reference at the start of this article.

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