Slow Down!


Get out of the fast lane

I got caught speeding on the way to work this morning. In the words of the Sleaford Mods, I was “doing 30 in a 40” (actually it was 42) It was a horrible moment when I came round the corner and saw the policeman with a speed gun. Then his colleague beckoned me to pull over.

I’m really annoyed. Not that I got caught but at myself for speeding in the first place. It’s just a really stupid and dangerous thing to do.

It’s all my own fault. I left my house late, got stuck behind a couple of slow vehicles¬†and I was trying to get to work on time. Of course the irony is that because I was pulled over, I was even later than I would have been if I’d been driving at the speed limit.

We have a thing at work called Good Time Bonus (GTB) which basically means that 10% of our pay is linked to us clocking in on time. I was so desperate to get it that not only did I miss it but I’ll have to pay somewhere in the region of a ¬£100 fine as well. Like I said, stupid.

I was so annoyed at myself that I couldn’t even bring myself to say, “I’m so sorry officer, it’s never happened before. I’ll never do if again” I do kind of wish I’d said, “it’s a fair cop” though.

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