Catherine Gray

“There is no other day, let’s try it another way”

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A million lifetimes ago, my parents’ best friends were called Paul and Valerie Gray. Together they did all of those things that were cool in the ’70s like playing darts and going to Berni Inns. As the ’70s turned into the ’80s, they had two daughters and, in between, my parents had me. They stayed friends and that was how I met both the younger daughter Sarah, and the older one, Catherine.

I think in my parents’ ideal world, we would have grown up and I would have married one of them and we would have become the Gray-Squires. However, they moved in the early ’90s and we only saw them a couple of times after that.

When I started writing songs, I began to think about Catherine, mainly because her surname rhymes with so many words. Eventually, I wrote a rip-off of Dear Prudence. Anthony added the music and we even rehearsed it a few times in our very early years.

So, after we stopped playing live and just decided to write and record, I thought that it might be a good song to dust off and have a go at. I made a couple of minor changes to the lyrics and wrote a middle-8 and off it went to Anthony. I was not prepared for what came back.

Gone were the old lyrics, melody and structure replaced by a brilliant early Pink Floyd-esque number. I was blown away and asked him for the lyrics. Unfortunately, he said that he just made them up as he went along and just kind of mumbled and repeated the same things over and over again.

So, I went off and wrote some lyrics, thinking about those classic early Floyd singles See Emily Play and Arnold Layne. In the end I wrote too many but we managed to pare them down to the song as it is now.

As for the real Catherine Gray? Well, if she ever hears it, I hope that she likes it.

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