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Eleanor Jones was a girl I met at a Silver Sun gig while I was a university in Manchester. I only remember her surname because we were sat in a bar and Doctor Jones by Aqua came on and she said explained that she was going to be Doctor Jones some day. However, when I met her she was a sixth form student. After the gig, we went for a couple of drinks and then I didn’t see her for a few months until I bumped into her completely randomly at a Super Furry Animals gig. Both occasions I was with my friend Dan and I think I completely failed to see that she fancied him and that her friend fancied me.

Anyway, we arranged to meet up at another gig in a couple of weeks. Dan wasn’t really into Shed Seven so I went on my own. However, I didn’t have a ticket so I went down early with the intention of buying one from one of those reputable gentlemen that you often see outside live music venues. When I arrived, there was a huge queue. I mean huge. Far too big to be just Shed Seven Fans. Turns out that another band was playing one of the bigger venues at the Student Union. I’m sure that you can see where this is going – I ended up with a ticket for the wrong band. So when Eleanor and her friend (whose name I confess to having forgotten) I’m stood there trying to sell a ticket for Delirious? the Christian rock band.

Of course in the end, I manage to sell that and get a Shed Seven ticket and it was a surprisingly good gig. We then arranged to meet again in another couple of weeks but they never turned up and I never saw them again, which is pretty much where the chorus comes from.

The first verse comes from a time where I thought I saw Eleanor at Manchester Piccadilly train station. It was probably just my eyes playing tricks on me and literally, when I turned around, she’s gone.

The second verse alludes to the bar we went to after Silver Sun. At the time it was called McNalley’s Green (to differentiate it from McNalley’s Red) although it became the Scubar. I think that it became cafe after the song Afternoon Tea by The Kinks. I’d been into The Kinks for ages and I bought their Singles Collection that was released in 1997, just before all of their albums were remastered. As an aside, I bought in one lunchtime and when I returned triumphantly to the sixth form common room, someone recommended getting The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society. I did, it’s awesome and I still love it. Anyway, the second verse also seems to bring to mind the end of Disco 2000 by Pulp where Jarvis is suggesting meeting again on “Sunday maybe”

The middle 8 is brand new. I sent the lyrics to Anthony and included a gap for a middle 8 but had no idea how it should go. His first demo had it mapped out musically and his second had him singing some lyrics and filling in the gaps with mumbling. “All the days now are history” was there in its entirety so that stayed in and the “past”/”last” rhyme was there too so it was very easy for me to finish it off.

I completely changed the third verse. It used to go:

Do you still stand by what you said
Would you rather change it all instead
Do you still stand by what you said
After I’ve written all that you read

The idea that I was trying to get at was that she said that she’d liked me (even though that never actually happened in real life) and the last line was saying, do you still like me after you’ve read these lyrics. I don’t think that it worked though so I changed it for the current third verse. I quite like the idea of someone stubbornly waiting for years even though it’s obvious that she’s never coming. Again, I can imagine Jarvis’ character in Disco 2000 doing it, especially as he’s desperate enough to plead that “you can even bring your baby”

Anyway, Anthony has excelled yet again with the music and melody. Especially since pretty much all I told was that it should sound Jealous Guy-esque…

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