Feeling Better (Without You)

“Are you lovin’ me more but enjoying it less?”

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This song is a lie. You never actually feel better after splitting up with someone do you? So, I tried to come up with an “I can pretend that I feel okay even though I don’t” song.

The original idea came after hearing “If You Wanna” by The Vaccines. There’s a line in it; “That’s what all the friends I do not like as much as you say” and I got thinking about friends and relationships.

Then I realised that even though you might break up with someone and really miss that person, maybe there’s a silver lining to that particular cloud. For example, you no longer have to hang around with her friends.

They were the two basic ideas behind the song – pretending that you feel better after breaking up with someone and trying to convince yourself of this by pointing out that her friends never really liked you anyway.

Once I had that, the rest of it came pretty easily. After the friends came the parents and there were also verses about a brother and unmissed fights:

I don’t miss your brother
With his suspicious eyes
Always assuming
That my words were all lies

I don’t miss you fights
The last word was yours to say
And what did you see
In me anyway

Anthony cut these out when he came to write the actual music and it’s probably for the best as they would have made the song too long. To be honest, I do have a bit of tendency to overwrite sometimes when it comes to lyrics.

Talking with Ant about the sound, I said that I had two tracks in mind – “Pushing Too Hard” by The Seeds and “Are You Loving Me More (But Enjoying It Less)” by The Electric Prunes. The initial demo was in mono and wouldn’t sound out of place on Nuggets. Perfect.

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