Misread The Signs

“One way”

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So, there was this girl, Laura. I first met her in A-Level English where we both somehow managed to get good grades despite not actually reading most of the books we were supposed to.  A few years later she found herself back in Melton one summer. Rachel had told me she was back and invited me out for a drink with the two of them.  We went out a few times over the summer and one evening I confided in Rachel that I liked Laura.

So, the next time we went out, she was nudging me telling that I should let Laura know how I felt. Most people would probably have followed this advice but I’ve always been really shy around girls I like and rubbish at telling them how I feel. Even when she gave me a lift home at the end of the night and I spent half an hour sat in her passenger seat, talking but not really saying anything.

By August, she was back in London for work. At around the same time, I was working down in Slough and Basingstoke for a couple of weeks and I called texted Laura a few times to see if we could sort out a night out. Rachel then let me know that Laura’s birthday was coming up. I phoned her mum and asked for her address in London with claim that I was going to send her a card. To be honest I was a little surprised that she’d even heard of me.

However, rather than a card, I sent a bouquet of flowers. I thought that this was a grand, romantic gesture. Obviously Laura didn’t agree as she stopped answering my calls or texts after that.

Clearly the two verses are based on real life experiences; the only slight poetic licence I used was claiming it was the back seat rather than the passenger seat in the car. I was trying to hint back to There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths. I also wrote a third verse but Anthony discarded that at the demo stage.

When I sent him the lyrics, I asked him to make it sound a bit like Pulp. There was just something about the word “mother” that made me imagine Jarvis Cocker singing it. He made some minor changes to the lyrics in the verses to make them scan better, added the bridges, made some changes to the chorus and replaced the original middle 8 with a brand new one. So, even though it’s a song about something that happened to me, it’s mainly written by Anthony.

A brief postscript – five years later I bumped into Laura around Melton as I’d popped into town to buy a newspaper. She had a spare half an hour while she was waiting for a haircut so we went to the park and sat in the sun catching up. It was all very cordial and I like to think that I’d been forgiven for my faux pas, although obviously, neither of us raised the incident…

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