While You Wait

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There used to be a Mister Minit shop in Melton that my mum always used to go to in order to get her shoes reheeled. For those who haven’t heard of the chain, it’s one of those places that fixes shoes, cuts keys and does engravings. The guy in there who used to do my mum’s shoes and boots had a certificate on the wall saying that he’d been working there for over twenty years. We always seemed to drop stuff off there and pick it up later, but there was a sign in the window – While You Wait.

Years later, I had the idea I had an idea that I wanted to write an EP called While You Wait and envisaged the cover being a picture of the band sitting outside that Mister Minit. I never thought about what the other three songs on the EP would actually be and it was a while after I came up with the concept before I actually started writing While You Wait.

Writing the lyrics was pretty quick and straightforward. The line, “I could fix any hole” is an obvious allusion to Fixing A Hole by The Beatles from Sgt Pepper. This was one of the first songs that Anthony and I wrote together with him playing as I was singing at him. Although, of course, I originally tried to get it written with Dave and Gary back in the cover band years.

Of course, once we’d started playing our own compositions this ended up being our most played song (since we became the sixth circle in 2007, there was only one gig where we didn’t play it). In fact, after our gig at Loggerheads, this pretty much became our signature song and a lot of people knew us as “that band that gave out the instruments”

As well as the “official studio version”, there is also the acoustic version & the live acoustic version (both with lead vocals by Sarah) and the more recent Live In A Lounge version.

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