Top 5

March madness

1) What I Want – Will Butler

The new album by Will Butler (off of Arcade Fire) is awesome. This is my favourite track – any song with the lyrics, “I know a great recipe for pony macaroni” is good in my book.

2) I Fought The Law – The Clash

And the law won

3) Richard III – Supergrass

In the end Leicester won the Leicester vs York war for who got to keep the body of Richard III and he was re-buried this month (not in a car park this time) For some reason, lots of people lined the streets of Leicester to watch his coffin’s parade through the city. Must not have been much on TV that day.

4) Rock n Roll Is Cold – Matthew E White

He’s been receiving a lot of critical acclaim but I’d never actually heard any Matthew E White songs until I heard this one. After that, I decided to give his new album a go and I’m glad that I did.

5) Debra – Beck

I had a free afternoon and decided it was time to get funky Beck-style with Midnite Vultures. This song sounds like it could be a Flight of the Conchords Prince pastiche – “I wanna get with you girl. And your sister. I think here name’s Debra”

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